SAFe CoFund

It’s participatory budgeting, simplified.

Powerful application that lets you inform value stream funding collaboratively

  • Achieve business outcomes by focusing on the right investments
  • Align priorities across value streams in the portfolio
  • Ensure voting results stay in balance with portfolio guardrails
Easy to Setup
Easy to Setup
Easy to facilitate
Easy to facilitate
Easy to participate
Easy to participate

Balance your portfolio investments and fuel enterprise agility

Make better investment decisions

Run scenarios to visualize LPM elements

Analyze voting in real time

Understand the true impact of investment decisions

Cultivate collaboration and inclusivity

Visualize more diverse viewpoints when making investment decisions

Gain the confidence to prioritize investments together

Easy to Facilitate

  1. Real-time facilitation monitoring and bidding scenarios
  2. Connect value streams, strategic themes, and horizons
  3. Understand the budget cut line

Increase employee engagement and buy-in

Easy to Participate

  1. Quickly locate and bid on items
  2. See how others are bidding
  3. Spark meaningful, insight-driven conversations during bidding
  4. View the outcome of collaborative funding decisions

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