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SureSuccess Academy provides the advantage you need to establish your own “internal academy” within your company thanks to our vast experience with corporate training across a wide range of sectors. We are here to help, encourage, and ensure that your journey of transformation is successful.

We offer your company end-to-end agile and scaled agile consulting.

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    Advantages of (tailored) Corporate training

    • Customized to match the enterprise’s specific Need – Before the training starts, our trainer collaborates with you to create a customized program. To enable you to immediately apply the learnings to your own work situation, the training discusses particular issues and cases from the organization.
    • Flexibility in schedule – Based on the organisations need we can design the training schedule. If the organisations need to split the training in multiple days or on weekends or combination of weekdays/ weekends we are flexible enough to schedule accordingly.
    • Onsite training – If the organisation prefers to have physical training, we provide this at the customer’s site, so it saves time and cost for the organisation. If the organization chooses to have it virtually, we plan accordingly.
    • Group Discussion and Mock Test – We perform multiple mock tests followed up with the group discussion which helps the participants to clear the concepts, apply it effectively and pass the certification with flying colours.

    How we approach for the Tailer Based Training

    The procedures listed below are used to create an efficient training program that perfectly aligns with the goals of the company, in consultation with the trainer who is most suited for the job.

    Phase 1: Pre-Planning
    The custom process starts with an orientation meeting where we jointly develop a comprehensive understanding of the training requirements and establish a preliminary budget. The project is assigned to the most suitable trainer based on the training requirements.

    Phase 2: Consult a trainer
    The trainer goes into great detail about the goals and background during the intake interview. A result-oriented training program is created based on the needs for training, participant level, training duration, and budget.

    Phase 3: Putting it into Practice
    Following the participants’ pre-evaluation, a customized training program will be implemented. Due to our deep immersion in the organization, participants will consistently work with real-world examples that are pertinent to their own organization.

    Phase 4: Assessment
    Participants can put what they’ve learned into practice right away. Additionally, an assessment will be conducted, and any needs for additional training or learning will be taken into account.

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