Practice test 1

Practice test 1

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Which two areas do Capabilities live in the SAFe Requirements Model? (Choose two.)

Which of the seven core competencies addresses the other solutions that are necessary to deliver complete enterprise value?

Why is it important for the Scrum Master to help the team focus on daily and Iteration goals?

Communities of Practice best solve which problem in a Lean-Agile Enterprise?

Which two actions are part of the Scrum Master’s role in PI Planning? (Choose two.)

The Scrum Master facilitates which three events in SAFe? (Choose three.)

In SAFe®, which two items belong in the Team Backlog? (Choose two.)

Built-in Quality is a dimension of Team and Technical Agility and what else?

Which three roles are most responsible for ensuring successful execution at the Large Solution Level? (Choose three.)

What is one new SAFe 5.0 tool used to express Strategic Themes?

The three pillars of Scrum are transparency, inspection, and what else?

Which three statements are true about the role of Lean-Agile Leaders? (Choose three.)

What is the connection between feedback and optimum batch size?

What type of objectives are used to identify work that can be variable within the scope of a PI?

Which statement correctly describes one aspect of the team’s commitment at the end of PI Planning?

Which two options are considered Agile practices? (Choose two.)

An Epic spanning two PIs was approved for implementation. What is the optimum implementation path from a Lean-Agile perspective?

When looking at a program board at the end of program increment (PI) planning, what does it mean when a feature is placed in a team’s swim lane with no strings?

Which statement is true about the Innovation and Planning (IP) Iteration?

What is a SAFe-recommended approach to implement a crosscutting Epic that spans multiple PIs?

What does SAFe Principle #3, “Assume variability; preserve options,” enable?

What is one issue when organizing around hierarchical functions?

What are two reasons organizational leaders should “take a systems view”? (Choose two.)

Which statement is true about Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in SAFe?

What are the last three steps of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap?

Which Continuous Delivery Pipeline event(s) should happen every Iteration?

What are two goals of the Feature section of the Program Kanban? (Choose two.)

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