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SAFe Solutions

Make sure your company’s Lean Agile Transformation investments produce the results you anticipate having a significant market impact. Adapt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to produce quantifiable outcomes for your business. To adapt and succeed, unleash the unrealized potential of your company by emphasizing value and innovation.

What’s the gain by Adopting SAFe Solutions ?

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Reached the Targeted Business Outcomes

Higher Customer Satisfaction, Better Time to Market, Higher Quality, higher Employee Engagement and satisfaction.

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Develop your organization to Release Value Frequently

Develop a Pull mechanism so that customer pull the value continuously from the value stream

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Stay Ahead of your Competition

Develop effective Lean Agile competencies throughout your company to obtain competitive advantage and enterprise agility.

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Encourage Innovation

Develop your core competencies to meet and surpass customer expectations while laying the groundwork for your company’s future success today.

Team of Experts

With the leadership of Rakesh Lenka – SPC, alumnus of Indian Institute of management, a Master in Data Science and 20 years of digital transformation experience, & with a strong team of certified Industry experts in Digital transformation, we understand your organization, challenges, culture and provides hands-on partnership to deliver the exceptional measurable results

Our Approach

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SAFe Implementation Roadmap

Do you want to use the Scaled Agile Framework in a specific situation? Multiple enterprise clients have benefited from our specialized team of experts’ assistance in customizing the Scaled Agile Framework to produce the ideal business outcomes they require. Similarly, we can assist you.

Scaling Teams/Agile Release Train Launch

The tried-and-true methodology of SureSuccess Academy, as demonstrated in our Agile Release Train Launch, offers clarity and a playbook for your journey of transformation. In order to ensure that you get started quickly and with the right teams to see significant results in the near term, SureSuccess Academy partners with you in a focused, goal-driven engagement.

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SAFe Coaching & Training

The skilled coaches at Suresuccess Academy will work with your teams to develop and improve the essential organizational skills required to achieve the desired outcomes. Our coaches impart best-of-breed practices, skills, actions, and an agile mindset while sharing their knowledge and experience from the real world.

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