Enterprise Agility

Enterprise Agility

A framework is not as important to the success of scaling agile as the organizational changes your business must make. Consequently, you won’t be prepared for enterprise-wide agile success by simply adopting the framework only at team level. To leverage the full power of scaled agile, we need to have a proper strategy to apply it across the enterprise.

In addition to the SAFe framework, SureSuccess Academy provides you with the methods and instruments required to start an innovative and fruitful agile transformation within your company or enhance the one you currently have in place.

Approach Followed to Achieve Enterprise Agility

We partner with the enterprises and follow a holistic approach to achieve the Enterprise Agility.

Building up a Roadmap for the Transformation :-

  • Before starting a significant transformation, get your teams in sync to ensure that you can provide your customers with the most value possible throughout the process.

  • We understand the current process, identify the gaps, overlap if any in the process and workflows to build up a use case with the changes required

  • Then we prioritise the identified tasks and build up a roadmap with the clarity on what the team wants to achieve. We make it clear to the team why it’s required to be changed which helps to get the team aligned on the roadmap

  • We create a baseline of the current state with clearly defined KPIs on how do we want to measure the achievement throughout the journey

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Lean Portfolio Management

Reorganize work into value streams with well-defined solutions to dramatically optimize and streamline antiquated, ineffective portfolio management procedures. The LPM methodology promotes agility at the corporate level and integrates seamlessly with other scaled Agile processes.
Take Up Novel Management Techniques

SAFe Lean Agile Transformation

Adapt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to produce quantifiable outcomes for your business. To adapt and succeed, unleash the unrealized potential of your company by emphasizing value and innovation. Multiple enterprise clients have benefited from our specialized team of experts' assistance in customizing the Scaled Agile Framework to produce the ideal business outcomes they require.
Expand Agile Methods Throughout Teams
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Product Agility

Your product teams will be able to move more quickly from planning to launch with SureSuccess Academy’s Agile Product Development solutions, and the emphasis will be shifted from individual projects to the value your products bring. With the skills you acquire, you'll be able to respond to shifting consumer demands, find and provide the best value for them, and increase the rate of return on your product investments.
Get Product-Oriented

Coach and Build Agile Teams

Take a calculated, practical approach to achieving complete enterprise agility in your organization. Organize your Lean Agile transformation around a dynamic leadership team that has the authority to bring about revolutionary change within your company. Establish a link between the transformation and tangible business results, and replace the burdensome corporate red tape that currently exists with lightweight governance that is results-driven.
Accept And Make Use Of Change
SAFe Agilist Certification

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