Lean Portfolio Management

Continuity is Necessary for Enterprise Agility at All Organizational Levels

By rearranging work into value streams that lead to solutions, organizations can drastically optimize and streamline antiquated and ineffective portfolio management procedures. The LPM methodology promotes agility at the corporate level and integrates seamlessly with other scaled Agile processes.

LPM-based enterprise agility has several advantages as below: –

  • Quicker- Increase the cadence for updates, new features, enhancements, and support, and bring new solutions to market 30–75% faster.
  • Committed- Rely on cross-functional teams that are totally committed to providing value for the customer to accomplish more with less. Boost participation by 50% to 100%.
  • Less Risky- By starting with the MVP and releasing feature updates on a sprint cadence, risk is reduced as small wagers are made.
  • Verifiable- Everything that is introduced to the market can be tested. All levels of adjustments are supported by the system when something isn’t functioning properly.
  • Superior quality- Under LPM, quality increases by 25-75% as a result of the aforementioned.

Why LPM?

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Align Strategy with Execution

Determine and improve the organization’s value delivery to the market. To achieve desired business outcomes, effectively measure market-changing efforts and align people with strategy.

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Appropriately Scale the Work Done

Determine the actual extent to which your company can consistently produce business outcomes.

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Use Astute Governance

Turn your attention to leading indicators of observable business outcomes to strengthen your capacity to adjust in light of the state of the market.

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Enhanced Assessment

Concentrate portfolio execution on quantifiable metrics to influence the bottom line of the company.

How We Approach to implement LPM?

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Adopt Product Agility

Organize around value and prioritize results over output to set yourself up for success with LPM. Create the right thing in the proper manner by adopting Design Thinking.

Design the Lean Portfolio

Utilize strong tooling solutions to create a roadmap for aligning a range of products according to value stream and to set up a Kanban system for transparent work visualization. Assign individuals to positions. Establish the portfolio cadence. Describe how to get teams of teams aligned around the value to the market.

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Get started with your lean portfolio

Within the chosen portfolio and Identified Value Stream; launch trains, Teams of Teams, and the actual portfolio level. Manage the project with Portfolio Kanban: Learn how to help the team carry out the work by leading an epic to a feature and to team level stories. The connection between the Portfolio, ART and Team Kanban has to be very much transparent and the team should embrace the link between these.

Lean Portfolio Management Training

Provide portfolio management team members with LPM training to create a common understanding and secure appropriate organizational and leadership support.

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